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    • Many a quadrille table was spoiled that memorable evening .
    • Shall we try another figure of the lobster quadrille
      “我們再跳一節蝦四組舞好嗎? ”
    • Ladies and gentlemen , the imperial quadrille
    • " carmela wished to form a quadrille , but there was one lady wanting
    • She had also asked him twice to dine at rosings , and had sent for him only the saturday before , to make up her pool of quadrille in the evening
      夫人曾經請他到羅新斯去吃過兩次飯,上星期六晚上還請他到她家里去打過“夸錐” 。
    • At each cross - path was an orchestra , and tables spread with refreshments ; the guests stopped , formed quadrilles , and danced in any part of the grounds they pleased
    • One of the cavaliers then hastened to invite teresa , without whom it was impossible for the quadrille to be formed , but the young girl had disappeared
    • The young man looked , bowed in obedience , and then went to teresa , and invited her to dance in a quadrille directed by the count s daughter
    • She had almost all the honors of the quadrille , and if she were envious of the count of san - felice s daughter , we will not undertake to say that carmela was not jealous of her
    • When the quadrille was over , i went over and said good evening to the hostess who , for the benefit of her guests , was displaying a dazzling pair of shoulders and much of her magnificent breasts
    • It's difficult to see quadrille in a sentence. 用quadrille造句挺難的
    • However , she got up , and began to repeat it , but her head was so full of the lobster quadrille , that she hardly knew what she was saying , and the words came very queer indeed : -
    • Lady catherine , sir william , and mr . and mrs . collins sat down to quadrille ; and as miss de bourgh chose to play at cassino , the two girls had the honour of assisting mrs . jenkinson to make up her party
      咖苔琳夫人威廉爵士和柯林斯夫婦坐下來打“夸錐”德包爾小姐要玩“卡西諾” ,因此兩位姑娘就很榮幸地幫著姜金生太太給她湊足了人數。
    • On this subject ; and it was but the very saturday night before i left hunsford - between our pools at quadrille , while mrs . jenkinson was arranging miss de bourgh s foot - stool , that she said , " mr . collins , you must marry
    • The quadrille had been most perfect , and it was evident there was a great demand for a repetition , carmela alone objecting to it , but the count of san - felice besought his daughter so earnestly , that she acceded
    • It now first struck her that she was selected from among her sisters as worthy of being the mistress of hunsford parsonage , and of assisting to form a quadrille table at rosings , in the absence of more eligible visitors
    • People were dancing , there was a great deal of shouting and , during one of the quadrilles , i saw marguerite dancing with count de n who looked inordinately proud to be showing her off , as though he were declaring to the assembled company
      大家跳著舞,甚至還大聲叫喊。在一次四組舞里,我看見瑪格麗特在跟n伯爵跳舞, n伯爵對自己能炫耀這樣一位舞伴顯得很神氣,他似乎在跟大家說:
    • You may not have lived much under the sea - i haven t , said alice - and perhaps you were never even introduced to a lobster - alice began to say i once tasted - but checked herself hastily , and said no , never - so you can have no idea what a delightful thing a lobster quadrille is
      “從來沒住過, ”愛麗絲說“你也許從來不認識蝦吧! ”愛麗絲剛想說“我吃過” ,但立即改口,說“從來沒有” , “所以你一點也想不到蝦四組舞有多么好玩。 ”
    • Teresa felt a flush pass over her face ; she looked at luigi , who could not refuse his assent . luigi slowly relinquished teresa s arm , which he had held beneath his own , and teresa , accompanied by her elegant cavalier , took her appointed place with much agitation in the aristocratic quadrille
    • The movements of the other women were more or less similar to tess s , the whole bevy of them drawing together like dancers in a quadrille at the completion of a sheaf by each , every one placing her sheaf on end against those of the rest , till a shock , or stitch as it was here called , of ten or a dozen was formed
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